Monday, April 10, 2017


Otara kicking back on the southside
A place of love and respect and were full of pride, Different cultures different people but when were altogether it’s a different kind of level.
Here we go again another year ahead in the house yeah we’re all surrounded by families and friends you gotta be proud of the city that we live in.

I walk to school to get my education I got my books and pens now let the learning
The classrooms are great but teachers are better,
They teach,encourage in any kind of weather I hope you understand where i’m coming from it’s not another rap it’s my love song.
My people
My people come from a time where our wakas were sailing out to the depths of the seven seas
 My people come from a time where the taiaha,patu & Mai Rakau were used to defend our tribe & our whanau.                               
My people come from a time where the haka was used for war and war was a daily routine.                                                          
My people come  from a time where waiata  were used in a significant way.

My people come from a time where knowledge was passed  down through stories from generation to generation by what was tattooed on their face & arms .                                                                  
My people come from where our carvings were a secret language that told stories, legends, myths & history.                                 
 My people come from a place of the marere meaning free

I am the descendent of my tipuna
I am the guide to my peoples past
My tipuna's wairua flow's through me

Ko taku iwi tenei
This is my people